Andrea and Justin’s E-session

Andrea and Justin were visiting from Cincinnati to finish up some wedding details, so it was the perfect time to do the e-session.

They were a lot of fun and great at letting their silly sides come out during the shoot. They didn’t mind covering a lot of ground to find nice shady places either.  We started at Wendy Park and quickly (I mean QUICKLY) moved downtown after a few shots by the lake.



The Board of Education building has some really nice spots with trees, brick, ivy and plenty of shade. There’s also a whole lot of room for goofing around…  




and kissing.


We spotted this fun backdrop at the Federal Building…




We had to get a shot with this pig.


Perhaps my favorite. This was the final stop of our shoot. We were debating whether to try this shot or just head back to the car. We said “what the heck – let’s try it.”  


Andrea and Justin’s wedding is right around the corner. I’m really glad we had the opportunity to spend time together before their big day. I am very much looking forward to documenting it.

  • June 8, 2009 - 11:03 pm

    Lizz Pruitt - Justin, great work! I love how playful and relaxed the photos are. Also love the colors in the first few. Bright photos but not blown. Good contrast.

  • June 30, 2009 - 3:16 pm

    Andrea and Justin » Justin Ketchem Photography - […] a lot of reasons, but mostly because I had a great time with Andria and Justin while shooting their engagement session. They were so easy-going and the images turned out […]

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