Anees’ proposal to Marisa

Congratulations to my good friends Marisa and Anees! I’m very happy for you both!

The proposal took place in front of 75 or so women at a church retreat. Marisa was speaking to the group. At the end of the speech, a surprise video came on that Anees had secretly arranged. Marisa was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Women were cheering and crying. It was an amazing moment.

Marisa and Anees eng-1Marisa and Anees eng-2Marisa and Anees eng-3Marisa and Anees eng-4Marisa and Anees eng-5Marisa and Anees eng-6Marisa and Anees eng-7Marisa and Anees eng-8Marisa and Anees eng-9Marisa and Anees eng-10Marisa and Anees eng-11Marisa and Anees eng-12Marisa and Anees eng-13Marisa and Anees eng-14Marisa and Anees eng-15Marisa and Anees eng-16Marisa and Anees eng-17Marisa and Anees eng-18Marisa and Anees eng-19

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