Angelina and Bobby

Two of the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever worked with.

Angelina and Bobby were married on December 1 at Eagleville Bible Church. The receptions was at Pine Ridge Country Club in Willoughby.

After a really sincere and funny service, we drove to a covered bridge not too far away (meaning, like, three hours, or so it seamed). We were definitely racing agains the clock because the sun was sinking fast. But with a little bit of lighting and help form Kevin Chuey, we got some really great shots.

Pine Ridge always looks beautiful, but with the Christmas decor, it was even better.

The receptions was a roller coaster of emotions for many of the people there, but happiness and joy were the overwhelming feelings. Bobby did a dance for the garter removal like I’ve never, ever seen before. The whole crowd was laughing hysterically.

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