A few years back, I shot Maria and Varun’s wedding in India. Now they are visiting the US with an additional family member. It was so nice to meet Vivienne.



April 19, 2014 - 9:31 am

Maria - I loved your new studio and all the props you had. It was really a great atmosphere to capture such cute photos! I just wish I looked the same as I did on my wedding day!!! Thanks for linking our wedding pics to her pics, so I can remember! Can’t wait to get her 1 year photos done with you. Maybe at the studio or maybe in chicago!! Best photographer ever.

Anees’ proposal to Marisa

Congratulations to my good friends Marisa and Anees! I’m very happy for you both!

The proposal took place in front of 75 or so women at a church retreat. Marisa was speaking to the group. At the end of the speech, a surprise video came on that Anees had secretly arranged. Marisa was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Women were cheering and crying. It was an amazing moment.

Marisa and Anees eng-1Marisa and Anees eng-2Marisa and Anees eng-3Marisa and Anees eng-4Marisa and Anees eng-5Marisa and Anees eng-6Marisa and Anees eng-7Marisa and Anees eng-8Marisa and Anees eng-9Marisa and Anees eng-10Marisa and Anees eng-11Marisa and Anees eng-12Marisa and Anees eng-13Marisa and Anees eng-14Marisa and Anees eng-15Marisa and Anees eng-16Marisa and Anees eng-17Marisa and Anees eng-18Marisa and Anees eng-19