Carie and Arnab

Carrie and Arnab were married at Amasa Stone Chapel, which is a gorgeous church on the campus of Case. They had a beautiful ceremony, followed by photos in the church. We walked over to other areas of the campus for more photos. We also took photos on the property of Landerhaven, which is where the reception was.

Carrie and Arnab were incredible to work with. If they enjoyed the photo session half as much as I did, than they had a great time. The bridal party was also really fun and helpful.

Once again, I was working with Kevin from The DJ Crew. And once again, it was an off-the-hook party. The guests partied like crazy (some, really crazy). Everyone was having the best time, including Nate and I.

Proof is below.

Below is an awesome shot by Nate taken at the same time as the shot above by me.

Below is what Carrie called “the love cage.” We had fun with that term for a while.

Congratulations Carrie and Arnab!

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