Emily and Marty

Emily and Marty were married at Sacred Heart Church in Wadsorth. After the ceremony, we took photos outside the church, then went to a drive-in-theater, which was really cool and different. After that, we went to a nearby park. The reception was at The Galaxy.

I had so much fun documenting Emily and Marty’s day. They were laid back and willing to try anything to get a good photo (like climb over a giant mud puddle to get on the little kids-ride at the theater). The bridal party was fun and very entertaining. It was nice seeing Marty’s mom, Donna, who I used to work with. Also some friends from Rock the House that happened to be guests.

Nate and I truly enjoyed ourselves.

AWESOME catch by Nate! (below)

Below is Sean – one of the many talented entertainers/DJ/MC at RTH, tearing up the dance floor.

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