Family Vacation

Anna, Jackson, my parents and I got an early taste of summer by spending some time in sunny Florida. Although it was sunny,  it wasn’t very hot. But I’m not complaining. It was actually very comfortable. And thinking about Ohio made feel even warmer. We spent most of the time at a beautiful beach house owned by my cousin Jim and his wife Gail. The house is on Palm Island, which is right off the gulf coast. We did a little (very little) swimming, some fishing and a lot of eating. On the other side of the island there is a small resort with a playground. We went there almost everyday to let Jackson run wild. The resort also has WiFi, so I was able to get a little (hardly any) work done.  I guess that’s why it’s called “vacation.”

This is the front view of the beach house. We are so grateful that could use it. It was the perfect get-away. The back of the house faces the bay between the island and the mainland. We spent a lot of time on the dock watching amazing boats go by.

This is the front of the beach house that belongs to my cousin and his family. The back of the house faces the bay between the island and the mainland. We spent a lot of time on the dock relaxing and watching the boats go by. This house was the perfect get-away.

We went to the beach a few times, but the wind was strong and the temperature felt 10 degrees colder on the gulf side. Even though we didn’t go in the ocean, we had fun playing in the sand.


The slide was Jackson’s favorite thing to do on the island by a longshot. His next favorite activity was to ride on the golf cart, which he referred to as “the monster truck.”


Anyone who has been to my gallery knows that I dig reptiles. I couldn’t refuse the temptation to photograph every tortuous and lizard I saw.




This was Jackson’s first time fishing. Here he is with my dad fishing from the dock. We saw a lot of fish swimming up to the dock at night, but didn’t have much luck catching anything big enough to eat.


Anna and Jackson goofing around.


After leaving the beach house, we drove to Orlando to visit with family. We stayed with my Uncle Jim and Aunt Beatie. It was so nice to spend time with family we don’t get to see very often. This is Uncle Jim driving their pontoon boat across the lake in their back yard.


Owl in a tree


Dinosaur World



More scenery.



On the way home, we stayed with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Neal in Charlotte, NC. My cousin Kim arranged for us to take a tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway. That was a lot of fun. We rode in a van that took us around the track at about 75 mph. That doesn’t seem very fast, but in a big van that’s sitting on a 24 degree bank, it definitely gets your attention. This was Jackson’s favorite part of the trip. Stock cars were whipping around the track as drivers practiced in Richard Petty’s driving school. It was hard to get photos from the van while the cars were moving, but I managed to snap one that was sitting still.


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