Genny and Eric

Shoutout required: I’ve been so slammed this fall that I’ve been blogging only my photos in an effort to keep the blog updated quickly and give my couples their sneak-peek in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this has forced me to save my second shooter’s images for the final edited set. That’s unfortunate because Basil Pinzone has been killing it all year. For Genny and Eric’s wedding, I went through Basil’s photos at the same time as my own. Once again, he killed it. You can see some of his excellent work below. In addition to having great photojournalism instincts, he totally gets my lighting schemes and has been an awesome lighting assistant during the portrait part of the day.

Genny and Eric had a gorgeous day for their wedding. Basil and I had a great time with the whole group. Congratulation Genny and Eric! You guys were Awesome!



The next two photos are Basil’s.


Again, the next two are Basil’s


Cake photo by Basil


The below photos and the final photo is Basil’s as well.



  • October 26, 2016 - 2:19 pm

    Debbie Drenik - These are beyond a doubt the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen!

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