Kara and Chris

Kara and Chris were married at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in Cleveland. The reception was at Marriott at Key Center.

I arrived bright and early (for a photographer) at Kara’s parents’ home for getting ready photos. It seemed like every room had something going on. There was a huge breakfast spread in the kitchen, dad was writing a speech in the basement, the dresses were arranged upstairs, the girls were getting ready in the master bedroom and bathroom, the ring bearers were in the living room, I was setting up detail shots in the dining room and wedding-themed music was playing throughout the house. I loved every minute of it. My buddy Scott Stachew of Candy Apple Films was there with me doing video. We were taking turns working certain angles and setting up detail shots.

Tony Griffie was in the presidential suite at the Marriott photographing Chris and the guys. I  hooked up with him at St. John Cathedral without any time to spare. The mass was beautiful. Kara and Chris must have really enjoyed it because they were smiling and giggling most of the time. After the ceremony, we blew through formals (we only had a few minutes to shoot) and headed over the the Hungarian Cultural Garden before ending up Downtown. By the time we got to E4th, I think the the bridal party had just the right amount of soda (the guys needed it more than the girls), because everyone suddenly turned into a rockstar. I have the photos to prove it.

The reception hall was laid out in incredible fashion by Stephen Tokar. The ladies at Blue Envelope Boutique (which is next door to my studio) took care of all things paper and did a beautiful job. Tricia Dever of Always Eventful made sure everything was put together perfectly and on time throughout the day .

The reception was one of the most energetic I’ve seen. A big part of that was The Avenue. The dance floor was jammed with people from the first song until the time I left. It was a party that I’m sure a lot of guests will never forget.

Kara and Chris were a blast, as was the bridal party. Once the ceremony was over, everyone was ready to relax and have a fun time. They were cracking me up while we were taking portraits, and they were very patient while I was setting up shots. Tony and I had an amazing time.

Congratulations Kara (Tara) and Chris!

Time for dad to write a speech.

The shot below is one of Tony’s many awesome shots of the day.

Another one of Tony’s (below)

The guys were going gaga over Chris’ ring (request from the ladies)

Here’s where “rockstar” kicks in!

Another great shot by Tony (below)

Jeff (left), Tiffany (right) and Leigh (not shown) has some of the best voices in NEO. And their backed up by one of the best bands.


  • August 28, 2012 - 1:50 pm

    Rosemarri - Justin, these pictures are gorgeous! We had so much fun that day! You captured every moment so beautifully. Please post more!

  • August 28, 2012 - 9:20 pm

    Kara Dolan - Justin – words cannot begin to express how much we love these photos. So much time and hard work went into making our wedding day perfect and thanks to you we have beautiful photos to forever capture every moment! Thank you so much. We are so excited to see the rest!!!

    -Kara or Tara or Cara whichever the priest prefers today 🙂

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