Katherine and Manny



Julie’s shot belowLaVera Wedding-1LaVera Wedding-2LaVera Wedding-3LaVera Wedding-4LaVera Wedding-5

LaVera Wedding-6

The next three are Julie’s

LaVera Wedding-7LaVera Wedding-8LaVera Wedding-9LaVera Wedding-10LaVera Wedding-11LaVera Wedding-12LaVera Wedding-13LaVera Wedding-14LaVera Wedding-15LaVera Wedding-16LaVera Wedding-17LaVera Wedding-18LaVera Wedding-19LaVera Wedding-20LaVera Wedding-21LaVera Wedding-22LaVera Wedding-23LaVera Wedding-24LaVera Wedding-25LaVera Wedding-26LaVera Wedding-27

For the record, “Market Garden Brewery” and “Before I die, I want to…” are actually painted on the wall.

LaVera Wedding-28LaVera Wedding-29LaVera Wedding-30LaVera Wedding-31LaVera Wedding-32LaVera Wedding-33LaVera Wedding-34LaVera Wedding-35LaVera Wedding-36LaVera Wedding-37LaVera Wedding-38LaVera Wedding-39LaVera Wedding-40LaVera Wedding-41LaVera Wedding-42LaVera Wedding-43LaVera Wedding-44

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