Kimberly and Brendan

Why not follow up an amazing engagement shoot with an amazing wedding?

Kim and Brendan were married on November 3 at the Church of Gesu. The reception was at Sammy’s Metro downtown.

What a fun couple to photograph. They were so chill and relaxed. It was really cold out, but Kim came prepared with fuzzy boots. We shot around the campus of John Carol. When we were finally frozen, we headed  to the Hyatt at the Old Arcade.

Sammy’s looked amazing. Uplighting can transform a room and make it look spectacular. Some really touching and funny toasts were followed by an awesome, nonstop party.

Congrats to Kim and Brendan!

Oh yea, and Kevin Chuey second shot this wedding with me. He got some killer stuff. He also went on a secret mission that saved me from a serous headache. Thanks Kev!

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