Philomena and William

Philomena and Bill were married on July 7 at St. Stephen in Cleveland. It was a beautiful Latin mass. The church was one of the most ornate I’ve ever seen, with intricate carpentry everywhere.

After the ceremony, we went to Mad Stone Pub. Nate and I took photos while the bridal party and some close friends and family members cooled off with some cold beers. After that, we went to a great spot at Edgewater Park and took some more bridal party shots. Finally, we ended up at the Market Cafe next to the West Side Market.

The reception was at the Hyatt at the Arcade in downtown Cleveland. That is always a beautiful venue for a wedding reception. Both families loved to dance and have fun. There was a lot of  action on the dance floor, including some really great swing dancing. At the end of the night, Philly, Bill, Nate and I snuck out for some shots in Public Square.

Philly and Bill are so much fun. Despite the really hot weather, they made it a perfect day with their cheerful attitudes. Nate and I really enjoyed our time documenting Philly and Bill’s wedding.

I was able to sneak behind the wall on the sanctuary and shoot through a tiny cross-shaped hole. It was probably 110 degrees back there.

(below) AWESOME shot by Nate.

(below) Another fun shot by Nate.

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