Rachel and Trevor

Rachel and Trevor were married on July 22 at the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland. They are a really laid-back couple that love to laugh and have a good time. It was a very fun wedding to photograph.

Trevor snuck a bike up to the hallway outside the bridal suite. A big piece of wrapping paper was stretched across the doorway so Rachel couldn’t see the bike. She was obviously ecstatic when she discovered her gift.

This may be a first.

Trevor received a really nice watch from Rachel. Julie Hahn gets credit for the next two shots. She photographed Trevor and the guys getting ready. As always, she did an amazing job all day.

We wanted to take the bike into Public Square for photos, but we had to take it through Tower City to get there. Good thing the escalators worked.

Another great shot by Julie.

Rachel wasn’t done with the bike. She had to take it for one last spin during the reception.

  • August 28, 2011 - 3:08 pm

    Rachel - LOVE 🙂

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