Sherif and Colleen

I’ll admit, the day started off a little rough. I didn’t realize there are two Cleveland Museums of Art. At least according to my GPS. Actually, according to my GPS there’s only one, but it’s in Tremont. Of course, instead of using my common sense and abandoning the route my GPS gave me, I followed every directive of my British lady-friend like a mind-numb zombie. In my defense, I had a late wedding the night before, so I was a little brain-dead. But still…

I finally made my way over to the real Cleveland Museum of Art to meet up with Sherif and Colleen.

No warm-up time necessary.

They jumped right into it and I was immediately excited about the shots we were getting. They were playful and natural with a lot of big smiles. After shooting at Wade Oval for a little while, we jumped over to Luxe for some shots on their patio. Sherif and Colleen went from flirty and playful to serious and dramatic like it was their job. It was an absolute blast hanging out with them. I’m expecting an awesome wedding next year.

  • November 22, 2010 - 10:19 am

    Maria - These pictures are amazing. She is absolutely beautiful. They look so Vogue magazine adds!

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