The Avenue radio show.

A new radio show is about to hit the airwaves on September 22. The show is called The Avenue and it airs on 1420 WHK at 9:00 pm.

The Avenue is a new concept in talk radio. A showcase for the talents and insights of the cultural and show business leaders of Northeast Ohio and the rest of the country, it mixes humor, insights, and insider information. From comedy to rap and urban pop you’ll hear the people that drive the scene and the businesses behind it all as the show mixes entertainment and education while focusing on the movers, shakers, and cultural taste makers in the region as well as nationwide. From hipster to hip-hop and Drake to Tunde you’ll be hearing interviews with the best of the music and entertainment icons that drive our culture today.

I did a shoot with the four talented host of the show – Darvio Marrow, Brittany Williams, Doug Magill and Andre Cato. We shot in some really cool spots in downtown Cleveland. We started out at The Greenhouse. They are always so hospitable to me and have allowed me to shoot there several times. Then we moved to the street. Lastly, we took a walk to the Theatre district.

This was a really fun shoot with some really talented and exciting personalities. Based on the time I spend with the group, I know the show is going to be a big success. I know I’ll be tuning in.

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