Tiffany and Marc

Tiffany and Marc were Married on October 9 at the historic Old Stone Church downtown.

Bert Wagner and I started out at the Marriott getting photos of the gals and guys getting ready. After the ceremony, we had enough time to travel to a couple locations for photos. First, we took photos in an alley near E4. It has a lot of brick, some graffiti and a few cool doorways. Then we went to Wade Oval to finish up the shooting. There were probably five other bridal parties there, but everyone had enough space to get the shots they wanted.

It’s not uncommon for the B&G to get worn down after a couple hours of shooting. But Tiffany and Marc were excited about photography and in it for the long-haul. Although I think they were both ready for cocktail hour.

The reception was at the Marriott. JR from Selective Sound did an amazing job with the up-lighting all around the room and the music. The lighting really changes the mood of the room and gets people ready to party. It also looks great in photographs. Selective Sound is one of my favorite Entertainment companies to work with because everything is always organized and professional and music is always awesome.

Even after a long day of shooting, Tiffany and Marc were willing to do just a little more, so we headed outside and took a couple night-shots.

Bert and I had a great time with Tiffany and Marc.

The very first click of the day was a keeper

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